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Social Media Marketing

We offer end to end Social Media Marketing Support. Our SMM services startes from INR 10,500 onwards. For more details, please connect us at +91-9769219066.

Social Media Marketing is very important when it comes to Brand's perceived Value (BPV). Absence results into lack of engagement. 

We provide under the umbrella solutions when it comes to Social Media Management viz:

a] Facebook Management & CRM 

b] Instagram Management & CRM 

c] Website Management 

d] Content creation 

e] Strategy Planning 

f] Influencer Drives & Manegement 

g] META Campaigns 

h] Whatsapp Business Management / Catalogue 

I] Google Business Management 

k] Video Editing Support 

Depending upon the need of the brand we create custom-tailored packages which suites a particular brand with cost-effective & quality deliverables 


Digital social media
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