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In school you learn SEX education, however in this fast growing digital world, ever wonder on knowledge regarding CYBER SECURITY or even what is CYBER SECURITY ?! You might have came across many incidences of Cyber Frauds be it ranging from Facebook Accounts getting hacked to google wallets /online accounts being compromised. 

One question might be bothering you how even do these frauds occur ? Well we will teach you how  this hacking occurs & we don't rest case there itself , we will also teach how to protect yourself, how to protect your cyber portfolio, your digital wallets , your online presence, your social media accounts & more. Learning this module will enable you to master your control & command over your own digital footprint ! 


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Our Glimpses of Work 

We are experienced when it comes to teaching & imparting Cyber Security & Women Safety Topics to our audience & it really doesn't matter to us when it comes to age limit as we cater accordingly the knowledge based on the age we are catering to 


Don't forget to check out few glimpse of our Cyber Security Session !  


What We Teach 

Learning this module gives a holistic approach when it comes to handling our digital footprint. Check out the topics which we cover . Everything shall be covered in depth training & hands on 


What is Cyber Security ?

How hackers hack into our accounts ?

How to secure Social Media Accounts | DMZ

S.o.P for Recovering Social Media Accounts 

What is Social Engineering ? 

Women Safety | Handling Blackmail Cases 

Retrieve hacked Accounts | FB,IG Google

Introduction to Footprinting | Dumpster Diving 

How to establish SLoD | Becoming Hack-Proof

Self Cyber Audit | Tweak Vulnerabilities 

Introduction to Phishing | Ways to detect it


How to Secure Payment Gateways 
How to Secure your Banking Apps/ transactions 
How to detect fradulent Links/Emails
How to safegaurd your phones/computers

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