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15 Days

About the Course

Learn from scratch, how to bring your business on Social Media Platforms, how to generate leads & CRM tips , which tools to use for creating Content Creatives & much more !! We cover major topics which will help you grow your own business & shall make you self sufficient to manage your brand & generate leads. Remember the way you landed on this page and are reading this module is the same way you shall learn to pipeline and generate leads and land them on your business portals !
Following topics we cover in our syllabus :

1)Introduction to digital Marketing
What exactly is Digital Marketing ? Well this module focuses on the definition of Digital Marketing & why Digital Marketing is essential and is the essence of the current trend which is being observed ie the shift of paradigm towards "Internet Era". This module will help you understand why Digital marketing emerged with perks and ease it provides to end users.

2)Types of digital Marketing
Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing , Search Engine optimisation, Influencer Marketing , Online Marketing ! yes these words but ever wonder what these marketings are exactly and which one should use & how to use or rather which marketing will suite you boost your business ? The answer is in this module

3)Facebook Marketing
Be it registration of your business on the Facebook to properly managing page, this module helps you understand the basics, tips & tricks of marketing on platform like Facebook. You shall learn how to generate leads to your business , get authentic likes/follower base to your business page , proper engagement to your newly formed page & more. You shall also learn few about CRM ie Customer Relation management when it comes to Facebook & lot more ...

4)Instagram Marketing
Nowadays Instagram is a majorly used app among audience. It gives easy ROI with end user friendly advert tools. Instagram marketing makes it worth for campaigning. It helps to promote brand awareness. You shall learn how to tag brands, locations and followers on Instagram. You shall also learn how to generate leads via Instagram marketing.

5)Whatsapp Business
Be it creating product catalogs to setting up payment gateway this module will teach you how to exactly perform customer relationship management effectively and help you convey leads into potential clients. In this module you shall also learn how to integrate your business address, phone number, website URL, product/company description and lot more...

6)Quora & Pinterest Marketing
Audience gain confidence when you are able to solve their doubts as it reflects your hold on a particular domain. In the same way Quora and Pinterest are the platforms to showcase your talent . By answering questions on Quora and regular posting on Pinterest your organic visibility increases over a period of time. In order to understand how this thing works in reality and what are other ways to improve your brand recall this module is the key answer to it.

7)How to generate Leads & Establish Business Presence
The way you landed on this web page and are reading the following is the same way you will learn how to land your potential clients on your web page. You will also learn how to select audience, how to geofence your adverts, understanding helpful insights when it comes to audience selection, what kind of ads to run to which kind of audience, understanding basic human psychology, how to create offers and lot more...

8)Content Creativity
Content is the key when it comes to digital marketing as it is one of the major factor which will help the end user to picturise what product/service you are selling. Now the major task for a content in terms of graphic is creating a sense of resemblance and its need in ones personal life. This module will help you to master the skill where you would be able to create trendy creatives using readily available tools and would also give you a hands on training on how to use these tools and this would definitely help you in understanding what audience wants and how to cater their needs...

9)Payment Gateway Integration , Affiliate Marketing & more !
Yes you heard it right, without Payment Gateway any website is worthless especially when it is an ecommerce website ! So in this Module you shall learn Payment Gateway Integrations & also how to earn passively sitting at home !

Your Instructor

Prathamesh Sonsurkar is a certified Digital Marketing Expert. He has trained more than 1200+ students from all over PAN India. His approach majorly focus on teaching from scratch. He has completed his Masters in Information Technology from Mumbai University. He is also a certified Microsoft Advertising Professional & also is certified by Advance Google Analytics Academy, Hubspot Inc

Prathamesh Sonsurkar

Prathamesh Sonsurkar

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