Get a Smart Card for your business today ! 

Because if your business is smart enough ,why not your visiting card ?! 

Hello everyone, WHITEHACK OPC PVT LTD has now launched

"SMART CARD"  ! challenging the way visiting cards are shared 

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Now change the way you present your VISITING CARD !

Why give away the card when you can tap the data in their mobile ! 

yes ! You heard it right !

Chip Probing



Just One Tap | No APP ! 

Making use of cutting edge technology, we have produced a smart visiting card, which when tapped to a smart* mobile , your contact details gets stored automatically ! 

>No need to manually save a contact detail 

> Automatically helps you to save contact details like your name,number,address, email,website,company details in the mobile you tap your card with ! 

A signature way to flaunt your business ! 


> No APP installation needed

> No additional cost required

> Helps save your "visiting card" expenditure

> No power source/charging required

> Let others save your details,hassle free 

Check out tHe Video of Live Demo of our card ! 

(working DEmo)

(launch DEmo)

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The card's MRP is Rs.5,000/-. Please enter valid Discount Promo code to avail the same card for Rs.3,500/-

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