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Prathamesh Sonsurkar 

Prathamesh Sonsurkar is a certified Cyber Crime Investigation Expert,ASCL. He is also appointed voluntarily as State Investigation Officer,Cyber Cell, Maharashtra by National Crime Investigation Bureau. [NCIB].He was featured and called on Zee Business as a guest panel speaker recently. Apart from this, he also got featured in Sakal Times, Navbharat Times, Business Insider India, Mumbai Mirror, IBS Intelligence,International Business Times, Asian Age, Deccan Chronicles , Business World ,Yahoo Lifestyle & more for his articles & guidelines given to stuedents & masses. 

He was also invited as the guest speaker on radio ALL INDIA RADIO FM Gold where he spoke extensively about cyber safety for school and college students.

He was also called by Mumbai Consumer Council & featured in their Magazine. During that event, he highlighted many cyber loopholes which we face on a day to day basis. 

His seminars give major highlights about the do’s and dont’s one must follow to protect oneself on social media platforms. Moreover, his seminars also throw light on how to stay protected from future cyber-attacks and how the female audience can detect any suspicious activity, thus laying emphasis on women’s safety online.

He is also is a Google CERTIFIED Digital Marketing Expert & a Strategist Planner. He has a team of 12 which consists well trained,highly sophisticated engineers, videographers,animators, photographers, Website developers, SERP Engineers,Cinematograhers. 

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